Last chance to grab a great Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deal

Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-orde deals
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Samsung made big waves when it announced the Galaxy S24 range, including the top-of-the-range Ultra handset, along with a lot of promises about how AI will improve the phone experience. As always, competition is fierce among retailers trying to offer you the best deal. With the phones officially out this week, here are the best last-minute Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deals.

There are plenty of ways you can save money, with telcos offering decent plans alongside good outright deals. Some promotions include free storage upgrades or bonus accessories, while others opt for a straight-up discount to entice you over. If you do choose to buy outright, check out the cheapest SIM plans to help reduce your phone bill.

Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deals are live now until 6 February 2024, so you don’t have much time before they end. Outside of pre-order deals the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra plans and cheapest Galaxy S24 plans offer great savings when bundling a handset with a mobile plan.

Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deals and plans over $900 in discounts and bonuses

In addition to accessing the colours exclusive to the Samsung store, you get a lot of bonuses by purchasing an S24 directly from the brand. Its free storage upgrade promotion returns, where you pay the price for the lower storage model. For example, instead of paying $1,599 for the 512GB base S24 model, you pay the price of the 256GB model instead, which is $1,399. If you’re getting the S24 Ultra, you could save as much as $400 in the process.

By trading in a previous model, you can also get up to $350 of bonus trade-in credit, stacking on top of the device’s base value. Plus, when buying one of the new phones, you receive up to a $150 store voucher to use on Samsung accessories, such as a Galaxy Watch 6 or Tab S9.

As an incentive to download the Samsung Shop App, there’s an additional 5% discount if it’s your first purchase using the app. Plus, Samsung will match prices or refund the difference on any better deals within 14 days of purchase as part of its Price Promise. There are also discounts on the company’s Samsung Care+ plan, which lets you swap your device or refresh it in the future.

All up, going direct through Samsung is a good way to pre-order a Galaxy S24 if you want an unlocked handset outright.


Vodafone has some of the biggest Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deals, starting with a discount across all three phones if you stay connected to an eligible plan between 24-36 months. This could save you as much as $300, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Trading in an eligible device adds $400 of bonus credit in addition to its base value. Using an S23 Ultra as an example, you could get up to $1,300 of total trade value. Of course, this is aimed at those who upgrade on a regular basis.

Of course, the big disclaimer here is that you’ll need to stay connected to Vodafone to get the discounts. If you’re already with them or keen to make the switch, this might be worth a look, as it works out to be the cheapest monthly cost of any telco.


Aside from handset plans, Telstra is offering a bonus Galaxy Tab S9 FE tablet with any S24 purchase, adding $949 of value. You can also get $20 off the telco’s Premium Plan for 12 months, totalling $240 of savings.

In terms of plans, Telstra’s offering works out to be the most expensive of the major telcos. However, you do get the most network coverage.


Optus also offers bonus hardware with a Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order. You get two bonus devices: a Galaxy Watch 6 and Buds 2 Pro, valued at $1,048 together.

Australia’s second-biggest telco also happens to offer the second-cheapest plans with a new handset.

JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman

Both major tech retailers offer discounted upfront costs when buying a Galaxy S24 phone with a mobile plan. JB Hi-Fi offers mobile plans on the Telstra network while Harvey Norman uses the Optus network.

JB Hi-Fi gives you a few options. One is a bonus $350 trade-in value towards any one of the three S24 devices, along with up to a $150 gift card when pre-ordering. The other is reduced upfront costs when connecting to its $99 monthly plan. Here’s how it shakes out:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: $0 upfront on the $99 plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+: $300 upfront on the $99 plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $800 upfront on the $99 plan

Meanwhile, Harvey Norman solely offers the reduced upfront cost method while also offering a $150 gift card. The upside here is that it only requires signing up to the $69 plan:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24: $0 upfront on the $69 plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+: $299 upfront on the $69 plan
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: $799 upfront on the $69 plan

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order deal

Generally speaking, purchasing a phone outright is the best value if you can afford the upfront costs. Especially if you can trade in an older model, netting a healthy discount in the process. By purchasing outright, you’re also not locked into a lengthy contract that can be costly to break later down the line. You can also shop around for a cheaper plan that costs you less in the long run.

However, buying outright isn’t feasible for everyone due to the high initial investment. If you’re already with a telco you like, consider what offers you’d be happy sticking with over a longer period.

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