Samsung Galaxy S9 teardown

Samsung Galaxy S9 has received the iFixit teardown treatment and the verdict is in – more of what made the Galaxy/Note S8 series great and a few tricks up its camera sleeve.

iFixit teardowns are important although they invariably ruin the product. It gets to the very core of the product and helps third-party repairers to know what they are facing.

In this case, it scores 4 out of 10 for repairability – the same as the Galaxy S8. The glass display and rear glass increase the chance of breakage and make repairs difficult to start.

Replacing the screen or battery requires removing the rear glass panel and disassembling the entire phone while battling tough adhesive.

The biggest differences between the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S8 are:

  • A 10nm Qualcomm 845/Exynos processor that is smaller, faster, cooler and uses less power. It also enhances image signal processing (camera), AI, and LTE speeds.
  • A dual-aperture optically image stabilised main camera that swaps from f/1.5 in low light (widest aperture of any phone) to f/2.4 in good light giving it the best of both worlds.
  • There is a second 12MP as well. The dual camera blitzed the DxOMark as the best smartphone camera to date.
  • Stereo sound – Dolby Atmos from the earpiece and bottom speaker.
  • Android Oreo (the S8 series will get that).

The new AR-Emoji system (makes your face into an Emoji) uses the iris scanner, front-facing camera, IR emitter, proximity sensor and face unlock.

GadgetGuy Val Quinn has a Samsung Galaxy S9 from Mobile World Congress and is presently reviewing it. For the range of GadgetGuy coverage so far click here.