Best pre-order deals for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in Australia

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals Australia

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 5 overnight, which means retailers are fighting to offer the best pre-order deals and secure your cash.

If you’re keen to get the latest foldable phone, which comes with improved performance and a less noticeable screen crease, there are plenty of tempting offers to consider. Whether you want to stick with a preferred telco or buy the Fold 5 outright, you have some good options.

To help you save some money, here are the major pre-order deals currently active for the Galaxy Z Fold 5. There are hundreds of dollars in savings to be had ahead of the device’s local release on 18 August 2023.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals

Like the Flip 5 pre-order offers, retailers offer a free storage upgrade on the Fold 5. This means you get a larger storage model for the price of the next step down. For example, while pre-orders are live, instead of paying $2,799 for the 512GB model, you pay $2,599, which is the RRP of the 256GB model.

Many of the pre-order deals rely on you having a plan, or signing up to one with a telco. This includes the bonus trade-in value offered by swapping from a Z Fold 4. Vodafone leads the way here, offering $700 of bonus trade-in value in addition to the existing value of the old phone, while Telstra offers a $500 bonus, the same as its Flip 5 offer. Optus’ offer also remains the same regardless of your preference for Flip or Fold. They include a Watch 5 Pro and a pair of Buds 2 Pro at no extra cost when pre-ordering a Z Fold 5.

Samsung, Harvey Norman and Amazon provide the best deals for outright phone purchases. Samsung offers up to $500 of bonus trade-in value in addition to the existing value of an eligible device. Plus, you can also save on its Samsung Care+ program, which includes device swapping and repair services.

Meanwhile, Harvey Norman gives you a $400 gift card to its store for pre-orders, while Amazon offers an accessories starter pack valued at $456 for Prime members at no extra cost. This pack includes a trio charging pad, a 65W trio charger adapter, an S Pen and S Pen slim case, and a front screen protector.

Here’s a rundown of all the major Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-order deals.

StorePre-order offers
Samsung.comFree storage upgrade

$500 trade-in bonus

Free Samsung Care+ 1 Year subscription, valued at $229 or 50% off Samsung Care+ 2 Year subscription, valued at $399

5% off when you bundle with new Galaxy devices
TelstraFree storage upgrade

$200 saving on total cost of ownership

$500 trade-in bonus
OptusFree storage upgrade

Watch5 Pro, valued at $849, and Buds2 Pro, valued at $349, as a gift with purchase

3-month Free Upgrade & Protect (Opt in model)
VodafoneFree storage upgrade

$700 trade-in bonus
Harvey NormanFree storage upgrade

BONUS $400 Harvey Norman Gift Card (5 days only, from 26 July at 11pm to 31 July at 11:59pm AEST)

BYO $849 upfront on $69/month plan for 24months (min plan cost over 24 months is $2,505) (5 days only, from 26 July at 11pm to 31 July at 11:59pm AEST) INSTORE ONLY

1 August till launch, $1,249 upfront on $69/month plan for 24months (min plan cost over 24months is $2,905) INSTORE ONLY
CostcoFree storage upgrade
Bing LeeFree storage upgrade
AmazonFree storage upgrade

Accessories Starter Pack, valued at $456, as a gift with purchase for Prime Members
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 AI Smartphone, 256GB, Phantom Black
  • A compact camera that packs a serious punch. Your Galaxy Z Fold5 will snap clear, bright photos any time of the day and night with the 50 Mega pixel camera
  • Get through more tasks with a big screen that can have multiple windows open at once
  • Built tough to withstand life’s little accident
  • Simply fold and prop at any angle to take hands free video calls, take the perfect snap, or comfortably watch a movie whilst you’re on your lunch break. Flex mode supported at angles between 75°and 115°. Some apps may not be supported in Flex mode. It is recommended to keep the phone stationary while in Flex mode
  • Take notes whenever inspiration strikes

Cheapest SIM plans when buying outright

If you buy a Z Fold 5 outright, check out our regularly updated guide to the best SIM plans and save some money on your phone bill.

Plus, here’s everything announced at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event overnight, including all of the other devices out next month.

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