Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 gets smarter, sturdier and lighter

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 announcement
Image: Samsung.
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Making its book-like phone thinner and lighter, Samsung lifted the lid on the new Galaxy Z Fold 6, the handset for people who live by the ‘bigger is better’ mantra.

Whereas the Flip 6 is geared towards sheer portability and style, the Fold 6 appeals to professionals who want a high-powered phone with lots of screen real estate for multi-tasking. On that front, the Fold 6 squeezes in even more screen space than last year’s model across both the inner and outer displays.

Samsung achieved this while also shaving some weight – 14 grams, to be precise. According to the company, the sixth-gen device is the thinnest and lightest version of its productivity-centric foldable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 at briefing event
Image: Chris Button.

It also has the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip as the flagship Galaxy S24 devices. Along with a brighter main display, the Fold 6 carries a larger vapour chamber to improve cooling, and the latest chip produces better ray-tracing performance – helping with gaming and 3D rendering tasks.

Breaking down barriers

Expanding on its Galaxy AI platform, Samsung has optimised several features for the phone’s unique design. For example, the Samsung Notes app now supports audio transcription without leaving the app, and the Fold 6’s larger screen lets you scribble notes while scrubbing through an interview or a lecture recording.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 also attempts to break down communication barriers with its novel approach to translation. Based on the existing Live Translate tool, you can hold the phone horizontally, fold the screen at a 90-degree angle, and display the translated language to whoever you’re speaking with. All the while, you also see the translation on the main screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 AI translate cover screen
Image: supplied.

Another helpful addition to Live Translate is a newly added listening mode. Before, when using the conversation-based mode, you’d speak, and then wait for the results, before letting the other person speak. With listening mode, it acts as a continual translation, suited to situations when you don’t need to respond, like a guided tour in another language. It’s what the new Galaxy Buds 3 range uses to provide in-ear translations.

If you’ve got an S Pen, one of the other generative AI features lets you have a bit of fun with your photos. A new sketch-to-image tool lets you add stylised visual elements to images, like sunglasses on a dog, or sparkles surrounding someone’s face. It may not have the same level of utility as other features, but it adds an element of personalisation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 price and release date

Pre-orders start as soon as 11 July in Australia, ready for launch on 31 July, with prices beginning at $2,749. Like the Flip 6, that’s $150 pricier than last year’s edition. Here’s how the different storage configurations pan out price-wise:

  • $2,749 (12GB RAM + 256GB storage)
  • $2,949 (12GB RAM + 512GB storage)
  • $3,299 (12GB RAM + 1TB storage)

The colours available at all local retailers include Silver Shadow, Pink, and Navy. Exclusive to Samsung’s online store are two additional colours: Crafted Black and White.

Like the Flip 6, the latest Fold comes with seven years of operating system and security updates. Samsung believes you should get decent use out of the foldable phone, backing the use of Armor Aluminium and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to improve its durability.

Based on past iterations, the Fold is a device with a specific productivity niche. Last year’s Fold 5 impressed us, and the claim of improved durability addresses previous complaints levelled at the form factor.

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Chris Button attended a briefing in Sydney as a guest of Samsung Australia.