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Everyone has a wearable, and some companies have two or three. Samsung isn’t new to this area, but updates to wearables are a little long in the tooth, until this week, that is.

It’s certainly been a while since Samsung had anything to say about the fitness world, unless you consider the Gear S2 smartwatch a fitness gadget, and we don’t. Sure, it has the technology, but running with a watch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, or swig of sports drink.

Fortunately, Samsung is changing that with the announcement of two products that will offer a slightly different fitness experience from each other.


First there’s a refresh of the Gear Fit, with the curved AMOLED screen getting an update to offer a slightly taller display, now sitting at 1.5 inches diagonally (taller than the diagonal dimension of 1.84 inches last time) with a bigger resolution, now at 216×432 versus the 128×432 of the original.

This means your wrist will take a larger screen, and potentially more information, with the Gear Fit 2 featuring an embedded heart-rate monitor, GPS, and automatic activity tracking to let you jump between running and walking or cycling and other training without needing to really dig into menus to switch things on.


“Designed to support an active lifestyle, the Gear Fit 2 features improved fitness and activity tracking, GPS, water resistance and sleep monitoring, making it a perfect companion device for achieving fitness goals,” said Prasad Gokhale, Vice President of the Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“With the Gear Fit 2, we are proud to be releasing a device that directly supports Australian lifestyles, through helping make fitness and well-being goals easier to achieve.”


There’s storage found in the unit, too, with 4GB inside and 512MB memory, and Samsung suggests you’ll even be able to use the 4GB storage for music, letting you take only the Gear Fit 2 band with you and a pair of wireless earphones, because Bluetooth exists on this wrist band, too.

Water resistance exists on the Samsung Gear Fit 2, so don’t worry about sweat or rain — you can keep running — while the battery is slightly smaller in this model, with 200mAh marginally lighter than the 210mAh from the last generation.


Given there’s new innards inside, we hope that doesn’t mean the battery life loses out, and anticipate this to be a two or three day device.

That could be ideal for people who depend on a fitness tracker to tell them what the day is going to be like, with the Gear Fit 2 acting like a smart band for more than just fitness alone, but if you don’t depend on smart wearables and would prefer a more casual fitness gadget, Samsung has that covered, too.