Samsung goes huge with the new 98-inch Q80C QLED 4K TV

Samsung Q80C 98-inch 4K QLED TV

Adding to its already extensive TV range, Samsung has launched the 98-inch Q80C, a massive new 4K QLED TV designed to be the centrepiece of your home entertainment setup.

Most of Samsung’s 2023 TVs max out at 85 inches, including its attention-grabbing QN900C 8K Neo QLED display. The same goes for the South Korean brand’s latest Neo QLEDs, with models such as the QN90C and QN85C reaching 85 inches as the upper limit.

Compared to the company’s existing 98-inch TV, a Neo QLED equipped with Mini LED backlights, this new QLED is significantly cheaper in price. At around $10,000 at retailers, it’s still a big investment, as you’d expect of a sizeable TV.

Samsung Q80C 98-inch QLED TV details

Included with the massive TV are many of Samsung’s usual technologies like the light and colour-enhancing Quantum-Dot tech, the Tizen operating system, SmartThings smart home connectivity, and variable refresh rates for gaming. It also supports modern consoles and PCs capable of reaching 120Hz, meaning smooth gaming sessions, even through the native Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming app. Plus, you can swap between the standard widescreen 16:9 ratio to ultrawide 32:9 for content that supports it.

On the official product listing, Samsung describes the Q80C as having “Direct Full Array backlighting”. This appears to be the main tradeoff between this more affordable model and the $16,999 QN90A 98-inch TV that uses Mini LED. It likely means that the lighting won’t be as precise as the Mini LED variant but is justified by the significant difference in price.

Also worth noting is that while the Q80C supports Dolby Atmos audio, there’s no mention of the Dolby Vision or IMAX Enhanced HDR formats. Listed in the TV’s specs is HDR 10+ and Quantum HDR+ technology, but not the other formats. It’s not necessarily an indicator of worse HDR performance, though, as a TV needs to be good at displaying HDR pictures in the first place.

Release date and price

At the time of writing, Samsung has the Q80C on its online store for $9,999. Look around and you’ll see that JB Hi-Fi and The Good Guys have the 98-inch behemoth for $7,995. It’s not clear if this is a limited-time launch promotion or a permanent fixture, but it’s a decent price for such a big TV.

Plus, both of these retailers have a promotion until the 16 July where you get an additional 22% off when bundling a TV purchase with a matching soundbar. This brings the cost of the TV below $6,300. If a big TV is on your wishlist, it might be worth having a look before the weekend finishes.

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