Samsung grabs the 3D TV market

We said this year would be the year the 3D would go mainstream, and now sales data has suggested Samsung is taking an 89% share of the market in 3D TVs.

The news about Samsung’s 3D TV market lead comes hot on the heels of a new Samsung promotion offering consumers four sets of 3D glasses, four 3D Blu-ray movies, and a spare 22 inch LED TV when they buy a selected 3D TV.

At the moment, 3D has really only been tackled by the big boys. We’ve seen 3D from Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, and Sharp, with rumours that we’ll soon see something from Toshiba.

But not everyone has been game to jump into 3D just yet.

“At this stage there is simply not enough demand from Australian consumers for 3DTV,” says Ruslan Kogan, founder of Kogan Electronics, a company that has succeeded in providing inexpensive equipment for people who didn’t want to spend a lot of cash. “We will continue to make the latest technology more affordable for all Australians, and if demand increases that will certainly include 3DTV.”

The announcement comes at a time when Samsung also looks to investigate a possible grey market TV import company: Concerns for this site popped up earlier this week when it was suggested that consumers could order a $10,000 3D TV for as little as $1,500.

“It has been brought to our attention that the website is offering what are being described as “Samsung 3DTVs”, and associated products with Samsung branding, for sale in Australia,” says Michael Richardson, Vice President for Retail Sales and Marketing at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Samsung Electronics Australia has not endorsed the importation or sale of these products, and they have not been acquired from Samsung Australia. We are currently investigating this matter and once we have had an opportunity to assess the legal position, we will consider taking any appropriate legal action which is available.”