Samsung hints at new Galaxy, ATIV models in June

Making decisions about what to buy is never easy, especially since there seems to be a new product out every week. Case in point: Samsung might have new phones and tablets launched in a few weeks if an invite is anything to go by.

Seen over at The Next Web, Samsung is apparently planning to show off some new devices in late June, and there might even be an indication as to what exactly they are inside the invitation.

Four boxes make up the June 20 invite, with the bottom left and top right looking like some form of a laptop, possibly a proper update to the Series 9 machines that will bring them into the ATIV brand fold.

It’s the bottom right we’re not sure about, but it could easily be some sort of a light for a camera, and with the “Galaxy” brand listed as one of the items that will be shown, perhaps we’re looking at mock-up ring flash for a new phone camera.

Whatever it is, June 20 is the date Samsung will be unveiling all of the goods, so there isn’t too long to wait.