Samsung HMX-H105 camcorder – with 32GB SSD memory

Samsung have launched the world’s first solid state drive (SSD) camcorder, the HMX-H105. The first camcorder to feature this innovative memory system, the HMX-H105 sports a wide array of features that complement the advantages of SSD – including 32GB internal memory to ensure you never have to delete on the go, plus 1080p video recording functionality.

SSD memory technology features a wide range of benefits which directly suit video recording. Firstly, SSD operates silently with minimal heat emission and features no moving parts; significantly reducing power use and making the camcorder more durable and shock resistant compared with hard disc drive (HDD) or removable memory options. SSD also offers a significantly faster boot-up and playback and record speeds than HDD, bringing this camcorder into the top tier of video recording products. Consumers will literally never miss a moment.

Samsung HMX-H105 camcorder

In addition to the 32GB memory, the HMX-H105 offers the ability to record Full HD – providing the ability to record memories in crystal clear 1080p. Amateur filmmakers will be able to premier their video recording skills, by showcasing their work with unprecedented ease on Full HD TVs. The camcorder supports HDMI input, eliminating the need for clumsy docking stations and ensures an ease of interplay between the camcorder and the television.

Featuring a wide angle focal length Schneider lens, the HMX-H105 allows you to fit more scenery into each frame. The camcorder also provides a HD Time Lapse recording mode that lets you record a single image at a pre-selected interval and will save each image as one single movie file. Additionally, the camcorder can capture 4.7 megapixel digital still photos. With the same sensor as many dedicated digital still cameras, the inbuilt CMOS sensor produces superlative results in still images in addition to videos.

Complete with 37mm HD lens for wide angle focus, Optical Image Stabilisation and supporting innovative H.264 video compression (meaning you can fit more on your hard drive than before) this new offering from Samsung will be popular with consumers looking for the very latest.

Price and availability

The HMX-H105 retails for RRP $1199 and is available in the Australian market later this month.