Samsung HT-BD2T Blu-ray home theatre system

Samsung has launched one of the world’s first integrated Blu-ray home theatre systems. For consumers who want to complement their big screen TV with the latest high definition home theatre experience, this all-in-one solution is the simplest way to get started.

The HT-BD2T is designed for AV enthusiasts or consumers who are new to Blu-ray and want to make the most of the high definition format. A home theatre system is essential for creating surround sound, so with the inclusion of a Blu-ray player consumers have one easy solution for the best quality audio and visual elements in the one package. For many people, this system can completely replace their existing home entertainment system.

The system boasts seven speakers that include an expanded centre, four tower and two satellite rear speakers, as well as an active subwoofer. This wrap around sound environment gives movie watchers the feeling they are at the theatre, from the comfort of their home. With Samsung’s exclusive AnyNet+ technology consumers can use one remote control for their TV and home theatre system.

With the withdrawal of the HD DVD format, Blu-ray is now supported exclusively by all the movie studios, offering a wide variety of movies.

The HT-BD2T is a simple way to play the latest Blu-ray titles, and as the system upscales your old DVD library, you can play your current collection in Full HD glory.


  • Channels: 7.1 (centre, four tower and two rear speakers and subwoofer)
  • Media: DVD, CD/CD-R/CD-RW, DVD+R/DVD+RW, MP3, JPEG, Blu-ray
  • Audio: Dolby True HD, digital, Pro Logic, DTS
  • Additional features: Up-Scale, AnyNet+, HDMI
  • Tuner: FM radio
  • Set net dimensions: 440 x 396 x 86 mm


The Samsung HT-BD2T Blu-ray home theatre system has an RRP of $1,759.00.

Source: Samsung