Samsung HT-Z320 & HT-Z120 – budget & compact home theatre systems

Samsung’s HT-Z320 & HT-Z120 both bring sound quality and media content to a new level of affordability. Compact in size but packing a serious punch, Samsung’s entry-level HT-Z320 (pictured above) sports both a 5.1 speaker set for top notch sound and Full HD-upscaling to ensure a quality visual playback.

These systems even come equipped with added Bluetooth connectivity: listen to music, see your photos and play video content from your MP3s, mobile phones and other devices. The models even offer USB 2.0 connection, which supports CD to USB ripping* – giving you access to more of your media in one convenient place.


The HT-Z320 & HT-Z120 are available for $449 and $299 RRP respectively.