Samsung IFA 2018 announcements give hope that connected living will be easier and more accessible. Samsung focused on a growing ecosystem of smart AI IoT products that seamlessly combine in a smart home.

Note that not all products will be available in Australia.

“Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide consumers with a full range of cutting-edge AI and IoT products and services. These focus on our wide-ranging portfolio of TVs, displays, audio, home appliances and of course mobile devices,” said HS Kim, President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics.

“We are striving to shape a new era of connected living, where our products and services seamlessly interact with one another to make our consumers’ lives richer, smarter and more entertaining.”

Samsung IFA 2018 announcements – The future

Samsung is at the forefront of unlocking the power of AI and 5G for consumers. Recently it has made multi-billion-dollar investments to ensure the continued integration of advancements across hardware, software and services.

By 2020, Samsung expects about 1,000 renowned AI researchers to be working in its AI research facilities.

A next-generation network infrastructure is a pre-requisite for the next era of connected living. Samsung is actively spearheading the rollout of next-generation networks. Later this year it anticipates the introduction of the world’s first 5G-powered gigabit home broadband service (5G Fixed Wireless Access) in the U.S.

Samsung IFA 2018

Smart Homes need smart appliances

The Family Hub refrigerator has a large control panel touchscreen. It can also control connected devices. With Bixby and Voice ID, users can instantly receive personalised information they need. Family Hub’s Meal Planner helps consumers plan meals by recommending the recipes that suit them best. GadgetGuy’s overview is here.

Samsung IFA 2018

Dual Cook Flex has a flexible door and dual-cook function. With the Cooking Guide, consumers can also receive recommendations on which oven to use based on the food ingredients and the type of cooking.

Samsung IFA 2018

Quick Drive can wash clothes in half the time without compromising on washing performance. Its AI-powered laundry care Q-rator system serves as a personalised and intelligent assistant. Laundry Planner minimises time wasted on washing clothes by allowing users to start and stop laundry according to their schedule. GadgetGuy’s report is here.