Samsung invents QuickDrive for front-load quick wash

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Samsung has cut washing machine times in half with its new QuickDrive technology. About time – waiting an hour or more is a pain, especially with multiple loads.

QuickDrive (Samsung Australia website here) uses its new Q-Drum where the drum and the back plate (impeller) are independent. Instead of the usual rolling during washing, it adds a back and forth motion.


The SuperSpeed cycle now cuts the time of a lightly soiled 5kg wash to 39 minutes. QuickDrive also has a 15-minute Quick Wash cycle that allows users to wash up to 2kg of lightly soiled laundry.

QuickDrive has new AI features

The QuickDrive range has, Q-rator (an Al-powered laundry assistant) to provide three key smart features that help manage laundry more conveniently:

  • Laundry Recipe thinks for you. It will recommend the optimal wash cycle for each load based on the user-provided information, such as colour, fabric type and degree of soiling
  • Laundry Planner manages laundry finishing time, avoiding wet clothes hanging around getting musty when you’re not home.
  • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer, proactively alerting users about potential problems and providing quick and remote troubleshooting support.

QuickDrive includes steam cycles

QuickDrive features Samsung’s new Steam Cycles, which reduces various allergens and up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria on the Hygiene Steam and Bedding cycles.

The AddWash door gives the ability to add forgotten items or detergent and fabric softener during the wash cycle.

An internal drum light lets you see what is in it. It brightly illuminates your laundry and the rest of the drum, so you can quickly and safely check the contents.

QuickDrive is available now from major retailers

  • Samsung 8.5Kg QuickDrive Washer with Steam and Crystal Gloss door (WW85M64FOPW) – $1,999
  • Samsung 8.5Kg QuickDrive Washer with Steam and Crystal Blue door and drum light (WW85M74FNOR) – $2,199


  • Dimensions (WxHxD) – including hoses 600 x 850 x 697 mm x 80kg (fits most standard laundry spaces)
  • Annual Energy Consumption: Cold Wash: 165kWh / Warm wash: 320kWh
  • Energy rating: 4 stars
  • Water Efficiency (WELS) 4.5 stars (73 litres per wash)
It still fits a standard space under the bench

GadgetGuy’s take – washing is a chore so shorten it

Over the years we have reviewed many washing machines. Some have clever dual washes. Others have the innovative add-wash. Others have smarts.

We tested the Samsung 11KG AddWash recently. It was an important review because it has a huge 11KG capacity and a new level of ‘smarts’. But we asked, “Does the app change this DTISW cycle? No.”

Dirty the clothes. Take said clothes to the washing machine. Insert, remembering to remove tissues from pockets. Select the program you always use (regardless of what you put in). Wait an hour or so for it to finish.

This adds ‘laundry recipe’ which is an innovation. No more ruined jeans due to a hot wash cycle.  It also cuts a typical wash from well over an hour to 39 minutes – fantastic.

It portends the smart home of the future.