Samsung looks to both Android and Windows with new tablets

It’s hard to write about every last piece of technology in the space of a week, and while we didn’t quite get to London last week to see Samsung’s new gear, here’s what else the big S is planning on bringing later this year.

You may have seen that Samsung is hoping to make a more solid presence known with ATIV computers last week, but that name won’t stop at the laptop and desktop mark alone, with several new tablets on the way, too.

First up is the Tab 3, or rather the “ATIV Tab 3,” which shouldn’t be confused with the “Galaxy Tab 3.” Both are new tablets announced by Samsung in June, but while the Galaxy is Android based, the ATIV is all about Windows.

We’re expecting to see an Intel Atom in the Android, and the same is being thrown in this particular version of the ATIV, producing what Samsung calls “the world’s thinnest Windows tablet.”

As such, Windows 8 will run here under a 10.1 inch screen supporting the HD friendly 1366×768 resolution, alongside 2GB RAM and 64GB storage. Expansion will come in the form a microSD slot, microHDMI, and even a microUSB port, while the battery life is expected to hit around 10 hours.

Then there’s the ATIV Q, a tablet that looks to incorporates the best of two operating systems in one device.

Designed with the latest Intel Core processors in mind, the ATIV Q is a tablet that runs Windows, and yet also plays back Android apps, which we’re sure will intrigue quite a few people.

Also interesting is some of the other technology Samsung is looking to include, such as the 13.3 inch display which supports multiple points of touch and that neato 3200×1800 display Samsung is also using on the ATIV 9 Plus, which boasts a higher resolution than any other notebook or tablet out today, including both the Apple MacBook Pro and the Toshiba Kirabook.

If touch isn’t your thing, aside for questioning why you’re buying a tablet, Samsung is also keeping a keyboard for you to use under the screen, making this tablet more a hybrid than a sole tablet, with a similar form-factor to both Sony’s VAIO 11 Duo and LG’s Tab-book computers.

“Busy lives demand convenience, and the convertible nature of these tablets deliver the versatility, mobility and adaptability consumers should expect from personal computing today,” said Samsung’s DJ Lee, President and Head of Sales and Marketing Office for Samsung’s IT and Mobile Communications Division.

“These tablets are the result of people-centric innovation, and they were designed to provide consumers the flexibility to manage their digital lives on their terms whether they are in the office, at home or on the go.”

Tablet. Laptop. Both sit inside the Samsung ATIV Q.

Both machines will arrive with support for the S-Pen, the stylus that pops up in every Galaxy Note product, offering each device at least two type of input – touch and pen – automatically.

Pricing and availability for Australia has yet to be announced, but like all things on the horizon, we’ll let you know when we find out. At this point, however, we suspect it will be from August or September.