Samsung makes 4K smaller with 55 and 65 inch TVs

Not everyone can afford a big screen Ultra High Definition TV – in fact, we’d be willing to bet that most people can’t – which is why this year, we’ve seen manufacturers drop down past the 84-85 inch size to something a little more affordable. So far, there has been LG, Sony, and TCL, among others, and now it’s time for Samsung to do the same.

Samsung’s first 4K TV was announced earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, and shown as the F9000, a massive display that sits inside an easel frame to make the entire thing look like a piece of art. Support for the UHDTV standard is built in, even if content is in short supply right now, but so are Smart TV features.

The display looked positively amazing at CES, and when Samsung officially announced it for release in Australia back in April, it looked just as awesome, but arrived with a $40,000 price tag, a value that most people would probably faint at the idea of spending money on.

From today, however, the 4K TVs from Samsung are getting smaller, with a 55 and 65 inch model being entered in the F9000 series.

Gone from the TVs is that neat looking easel stand, replaced with something closer to what Samsung uses on its F8000, while the technology inside is apparently just as good as what sits inside the 85 inch model. Samsung’s proprietary upscaling engine is here, as is Precision Black Local Dimming technology to make the appearance of blacks darker, while 3D, WiFi, Smart TV, and a quad-core processor are all here, too.

Pricing for the models has been set, and Samsung looks to be quite competitive, offering the 55 inch model (55F9000) for $4999, while the 65 inch (65F9000) will hit retails for a recommended retail price of $6999.

Both models will be arriving in limited stock from early September, so check with your retailer if you’re keen.

Samsung's 55 inch 4K TV in the flesh...