Samsung Music Frame stylishly combines art and technology

Samsung Music Frame vinyl CES 2024
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Of the many devices on display at CES 2024, there’s a clear trend of strong aesthetics from major brands. It’s not merely enough for a device to function well, it also has to look good too. That’s one of the main things evident from the Samsung Music Frame, a speaker that looks like a framed work of art.

Based on Samsung’s range of Frame TVs, this music-focused device offers a stylish smart speaker that looks nothing like a conventional speaker. Adding to the brand’s new range of TVs and soundbars, the Samsung Music Frame seamlessly slots into the SmartThings ecosystem.

Samsung Music Frame isn’t your regular speaker

Details are fairly limited for the time being, but it’s a cool concept. There’s an indication that it’ll be customisable so that you can get artwork that suits your décor and preferences. As it currently stands, the print of the vinyl record player has proven popular at CES. Via the SmartThings platform, the Samsung Music Frame pairs with other TVs and soundbars, enabling surround sound.

Samsung Music Frame collection CES 2024
Yes, these are all speakers. Image: supplied.

This gives you multiple options, considering it works as a standalone wireless speaker or as part of a larger setup. Part of this taps into the Q-Symphony technology, which is Samsung’s way of combining several speakers to elevate the audio experience. Although we don’t know exactly what drives the sound, the Music Frame is described as producing “high-quality” audio output.

The Samsung Music Frame joins the likes of other companies stepping up device aesthetics. Tech like LG’s CineBeam projector and DukeBox also turn on the charm, proving that technology can indeed be art.

Other details like price and availability aren’t known yet. Given that it’s part of Samsung’s premium Frame range of devices, it’ll likely attract a corresponding price tag. One thing’s for sure: it looks like a great complement to the existing art-centric devices on show.

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Valens Quinn attended CES 2024 in Las Vegas with the support of Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, and Roborock.