Stylish Samsung Music Frame classes up Australian homes

Samsung Music Frame launch Australia
Image: supplied.

After turning heads at CES 2024, the Samsung Music Frame has arrived in Australia, adding a touch of class to smart speakers.

Inspired by Samsung’s popular Frame TVs, the Music Frame operates as a wireless speaker while displaying artwork that wouldn’t look out of place on a wall or a shelf. Although it doesn’t come with custom artwork, you can place 7.5 x 7.5-inch images of your own.

When first demoed earlier in the year, the Music Frame attracted attention for its stylish aesthetic. Not much was known about its speaker capabilities, however. That’s all changed now following the launch of Samsung’s 2024 TVs and its new soundbars.

Samsung Music Frame sports style and power

Equipped with six speakers and two channels that fire in three directions, the artsy smart speaker does much of what you’d expect from a smart speaker. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity in addition to a cabled optical input. Pretty much all device casting platforms feature here, with AirPlay and Chromecast covering just about every phone under the sun.

Samsung tends not to publish the wattage output of its speakers, making it tough to determine how much audio the Music Frame punches out. Overseas impressions suggest it wields a surprising amount of volume for such a small device.

Based on Samsung’s design philosophy, it’s unlikely you’d use this speaker by itself. Q-Symphony is supported, letting you combine audio with compatible Samsung TVs and soundbars. Even if the Frame doesn’t generate much bass, it certainly would when teamed up with a Q990D soundbar.

Instead of operating as a standalone speaker, the Music Frame seems to be an accompaniment to existing smart homes. With an included wall-mounting kit, you can set it up anywhere in the home to double as a SmartThings hub. From there, it lets you control other devices via voice commands or your phone.

Above all else, it just looks nice. At $749, though, the framed speaker is very much a nice-to-have instead of an essential. But some people spend thousands on artwork to adorn their walls, so why not have something that has function and form?

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