Samsung NX-10 ‘groundbreaking’, not Micro Four Thirds

Samsung’s NX-10 has joined the ever-growing posse of point and shoot-type cameras that offer the creative options conferred by interchangeable lenses. Unlike the rest, though, it doesn’t use the Micro Four Thirds format. The NX-10 is slightly larger than this type of camera, but smaller than a DSLR. It’s a new type of camera altogether, in fact – a mini-DSLR, maybe? Samsung just describes it as “ground breaking”.

However you classify it, the NX-10 has the trademark mirror-less design of the Micro Four Thirds format, meaning it is much smaller and lighter than an SLR-type camera, but with a 14.1 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor on board, images are captured at the same high quality level as an SLR, according to Samsung.

There’s an electronic viewfinder and a 3 inch screen for framing photos, with the latter featuring AMOLED display technology for decreased power consumption and clear, sharp viewing, evening in bright outdoor conditions. The NX10 also shoots high definition video at 720p quality using the H.264 codec, which allows for easy transfer and viewing capability.

The NX-10 goes onsale in April and, with a 20mm F2 pancake lens, costs $899. With an 18-55mm lens kit the price is $849.

Samsung NX10

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