Samsung offers trade ins for its S9 and Plus

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Samsung Australia has a trade-in program that could get you up to $350 off a new S9 or S9+ but hurry it is only until 15 April.

The program targets premium phones starting at the Apple iPhone (5 series or later), Huawei 9 series, HTC One M9 or 10, Google Pixel, Sony Xperia X5 and most Samsung Galaxy A, J or S series and Notes.

Apple receives special attention with potentially $1,025 for an iPhone 8 Plus 256GB or $1,275 for an iPhone X.

Conditions are simple:

  • The display is functional, not chipped or cracked and there are no signs of liquid damage, discolouration or LCD bleeding
  • The device can power up, hold a charge and the battery does not appear to be swollen
  • The enclosure is of original manufacturing and is not cracked, fractured or bent
  • All of the keys and buttons are intact, not partially cracked and are working properly
  • Find My iPhone/iCloud/Android/Google Smart Lock and/or Carrier activation locks, and passwords have been disabled

You can access the trade-up at any Samsung Store or online.

Trade-ins require proof of ID and purchase. These offers do not preclude any Telco carrier or retailer offers for pre-order.