Samsung partners with Woolies so you can order food from your Family Hub refrigerator

While many of are accustomed to ordering our groceries online, Samsung and Woolworths have taken this to the next level. By incorporating a Woolies app into the Samsung internet-connected Family Hub refrigerator (model SRF670HB), you can now shop for groceries directly from the refrigerator door.

The Woolworths app is the latest addition to a suite of family-centric tools that you can operate from the Family Hub’s enormous 21.5 inch touchscreen.

samsung-fridge-detail-black-steel-all-screens-shopping-cart-woolworths_2832731The idea is that since you’re looking into the refrigerator anyway, it’s easy and convenient to update or create a shopping list right on the refrigerator door. If you’re ready to make a grocery order, you can do it here too via your Woolies account and a few quick taps. And since the Woolies app synchronises your shopping lists in the cloud, you can access or add to these same lists from any compatible mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Using the Woolies app is very quick and easy to do. Fonts are large and easy to read, and you can browse Woolworth’s virtual store by scrolling through nicely presented product ’tiles’ and simply tick them to add to your shopping cart or grocery list. And since the app connects to the internet each time you log in, you’ll get the very latest product selections and pricing.

Connecting the family

Shopping for groceries isn’t the only thing you can do with the Smart Hub. For managing your food, a great feature lets you display what’s inside the refrigerator on the display or a mobile device, without opening the door, thanks to a series of humidity-free cameras. So essentially,  you can ‘peer’ into your fridge when you’re out and about to see what you might be running out of, and you can even drag little labels onto your food to remind you of their expiration dates. The 3 cameras take a new photo of your food each time the door closes to make sure that what you are seeing is up to

As the kitchen is often the central meeting place for many busy homes, the Family Hub has some great apps to help you connect with your family. There’s a StickiBoard to leave notes posted on the screen and share calendars. These items can be created and posted from smartphones running the Family Hub app, including both iPhones and Android phones, and is a great way to keep the team up to date on the family chores, sports schedules and more.

The Whiteboard app lets you and your family interact directly with the Family Hub’s screen to draw messages and leave notes, and the Photo Album posts daily photos and fun images for everyone to see.


For daily weather updates, the AccuWeather app will let everyone know if they should be packing their umbrellas.

The 21.5 inch and speakers screen can also fill your kitchen with music, streamed directly from Pandora and Tunein Radio, and if you have a compatible Samsung multi-room speakers, you can also direct your music to be played on these.

If you have a compatible Samsung TV, you can even stream video from the TV onto the Family Hub’s screen, so you don’t need to miss a minute your favourite shows when preparing a meal.

Flexible freezing

On the traditional refrigerator front, the Family Hub provides a host of flexible features to keep pace with the modern Australian family.

The FlexZone, for example, lets you decide if you want to use the lower right compartment as a refrigerator or freezer. There are 5 customisable temperature settings so you can bulk up your freezer space during the week, or set it as a beer and wine chiller on the weekend when you’re entertaining guests.


The 671L Family Hub model features a Triple Cooling System that uses three evaporators and a network of sensors. The result is cooling designed to keep humidity levels balanced throughout the refrigerator for precise temperature calibration.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator (model SRF670HB) comes in an attractive black stainless steel finish, and is available in selected stores now with an RRP $7,499. The Woolworths App will be made available during October 2016.