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He bought from Kogan/Dick Smith (link here). After severely chastising him (as Kogan/Dick Smith are among the rogue’s gallery of grey/parallel importers) we found

  • It was supposed to be new, but the call counter said otherwise
  • Was shrinkwrapped (no carton)
  • No regulatory C-Tick
  • Had a flat two-pin charger
  • Did not support band 28
  • Model G9730/DS (for China)
  • It would not do an over-the-air firmware update (as it was not in China)

It was supposed to be SM-G973F/DS (S10 8/128GB). The F is Australia, and /DS is dual sim unlocked. We always note the genuine model number in our reviews.

Kogan staff flatly and rudely told him that there are no returns because “He made an incorrect purchase. He did not specify that it had to be a particular model number.” Oh well – he is off to Fair Trading to join the Kogan complaints queue!

Caveat Emptor! There is a good reason for region-locked

Have a read on the carefully wordsmithed Kogan Direct Import page. Would you buy a used phone from this man?