POWERstick Pro

Samsung POWERstick PRO vacuum make a clean sweep

The new Samsung POWERstick Pro vacuum makes a clean sweep. It sucks big time. Can dirt exist in a vacuum? Sorry, we ran out of clichés.

The Samsung POWERstick Pro (Australian website here) is its latest entry into the burgeoning stick vacuum market. We have recently seen entrants from Dyson with its V10 (review here) and LG A9Master CordZero (review here). Both are premium contenders, and we suspect Samsung POWERstick is too.

Not to mention the growing #metoo at the economy end of the market from Hoover, Vax, Shark, Sauber and more. The fact is that canister vacuums are out, and sticks are in. But they do require a change in the way you think about the onerous chore of vacuuming. We will cover that in a later review.

POWERstick“We all love to have clean floors, but vacuuming is a thankless task that constantly needs redoing,” said Jeremy Senior, Director Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Combining strong suction power with long battery life and ergonomic design, the new POWERstick PRO delivers an exceptional clean quickly and with less hassle, designed to save Australians time for the things they love.”

POWERstick design features and differences

Remembering that we have reviewed the other two quality contenders we feel qualified to comment. Pending a review of course.

  • Flex Handle folds up to 50 degrees to reach down to low areas like under coffee tables, while helping to make things easy on your wrist and back. We like that concept as others have a handle under the wand making it harder to clean under things
  • POWERstick ProA 32.4V lithium-ion removable power pack that offers up to 40 minutes of battery life (on standard mode – 7 minutes on turbo). A second battery (optional purchase) can be swapped out doubling operation time for up to 80 minutes of running. Recharge is 3 hours. LG have nailed this in CordZero and include the second battery and charger space in the stand. Dyson V10 does not have this feature. All will exhaust the battery in several minutes on the turbo setting.
  • 225mm wide turbo motor driven head is good for carpets
  • Removable .35l dustbin (adequate) and washable HEPA filter
  • 2.95kg (slightly heavier than the LG)
  • 450W (meaning 150W vacuum power) is good
  • A range of accessories: Combination Tool, Extension Crevice Tool, Mini Motorized Tool, Flexible tool

POWERstick Pro

The POWERstick PRO is available from major retailers

  • POWERstick PRO (SS80N8015K2) – $699
  • POWERstick PRO with soft action brush and flexible tool (SS80N8076KC) – $799

GadgetGuy’s take – bye-bye canisters

Trust me – the extra $100 for accessories is worth every penny. You need a variety of brushes and extensions to make stick cleaning the only way to do an entire home.

What we have found is that you tend to ‘spot’ clean with a stick cleaner rather than set out to do the entire home in one go. When you run out of power (and we recommend an additional battery for a typical home), do something else. We have found that we may do the bedrooms one day, the living area another etc. All without the hassle of dragging the canister out, wrestling with the power cord and bumping into walls etc.