Stylish and wireless: Samsung’s new 8K projector declutters your home

Samsung Premiere 8k projector CES 2024
Image: supplied.
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AI was easily the biggest talking point from CES 2024, but it was the advancement of wireless technology that might have the most impact on your living room. Perhaps the best example of this came from the new Samsung Premiere 8K projector, a device that embraces the wireless living room.

Shown alongside Samsung’s 2024 TV and soundbar range, the Premiere 8K projector uses the brand’s One Connect Box approach to reduce the fuss of enjoying a big screen. Between cable reduction technology and portable projectors like the second-gen Freestyle device, it’s easier than ever to make a home cinema experience that suits your space.

Less clutter is one thing, and stylish aesthetics is another. Not only is the upcoming wireless projector a stylish bit of tech but it’s also accompanied by other great-looking devices. Look to the Music Frame as an example, it’s a smart speaker housed in the body of mountable artwork, proving that you can have both a functional and trendy living room.

Samsung Premiere 8K projector goes wireless and big

Go big or go home, right? With the new Premiere 8K projector, Samsung wants you to have both. Using short-throw technology, meaning you can place the device close to a wall, it projects an image of up to 150 inches. With its 8K resolution, you’ll enjoy the details of everything you’re watching, too.

In a bygone era, projectors needed perfect darkness to get the best result. Modern technology advancements mean this is no longer the case. With a brightness in excess of 4,000 lumens, the Samsung Premiere 8K projector is far more versatile, producing a great picture without needing pitch-black surrounds.

That’s all well and good, but arguably the best feature is its wireless connectivity. The Premiere 8K uses Samsung’s One Connect Box tech, making cable management significantly easier. Instead of running messy cables everywhere, all you need to do is plug your inputs into the receiver box, and it wirelessly transmits them to the projector.

By reducing the clutter around the projector, it lets its classy aesthetic truly sing. Made with a premium-looking wood grain finish, the Samsung Premiere 8K projector makes for an impressive living room centrepiece.

Its built-in wireless smarts stand out too. The projector supports native cloud gaming, voice controls, and plenty of auto-setup features. Plus, its audio packs a punch, squeezing in an 8.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound system totalling 100 watts of power.

Samsung covered the entire smart home at CES 2024, showing off smart robot assistants, home appliances, and even electric vehicle integrations. We’ll have more details to share as Samsung confirms the local availability of its devices in Australia. For now, there’s a lot to look forward to. You can get a taste of it all on GadgetGuy’s YouTube channel.

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