Samsung preps a plethora of covers with your art and plenty of others

Out of all the Android smartphone makers, Samsung probably has more market share than anyone else, and if you’re looking for a way to make your Galaxy device stand out, there’s a solution available on and offline.

Designed for a few of Samsung’s more popular devices, “Art Cover” is Samsung’s graphic-inspired way to make a phone look a little more than the white, grey, black, or blue slim brick that you buy and use day to day.

Four phones have been selected for this concept, with the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, and Galaxy Note 3 able to be selected for the art cover process, which basically consists of printing various designed to a plastic case that can protect and pretty up a smartphone easily.

Artists around the world have been tapped for this project, and in Australia, there’s Sydney-based George Nova, and two Melbourne artists, with Candy Ng and Hayley O’Conner coming up with designs.

Other artists from all over the world have been used for the cases, and later on, Samsung plans to introduce a customisable art cover case system whereby they can upload their own designed and photos to create customised cases based on their own imagery.

Pricing for the cases starts at $24.95 US dollars with shipping included if you order from the online site, though some cases will be available at Samsung’s local “Experience” stores in both Sydney and Melbourne.