Samsung Q1 MP3 player – stylish tech

Samsung Electronics Australia has expanded its compelling MP3 player lineup with the launch of the Q1. An innovative and uniquely designed player, the Q1 MP3 and Video Player delivers an exceptional listening experience to impress even the most discerning music enthusiasts.

Bringing audio quality and customisation to a new level the Q1 comes equipped with several key functions, specifically designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and personal media experience.

Letting consumers listen, watch and experience their media on their own terms, EmoDio, Samsung’s new MP3 Media Management Software, provides a viable and user friendly option to get the most out of the Q1’s impressive feature list. Allowing for easy upload of all compatible files – music, video, text and images, files can be easily and conveniently sorted into play lists, to suit any mood or situation.

Going beyond music, consumers can also easily customise the interface with their own background images, download free album artwork and choose from 13 preset equaliser settings, including Rock, Club, Dance and Street Mode to suit their tastes or unique music collection.

Coupling optimal usability and customisation with the technological advancements in music quality, Samsung’s DNSe 3.0 (Digital Natural Sound engine) brings consumers an intimate and individual music experience when using their personal media player. Designed to deliver music that is natural and as close to how the artist intended it to sound in its original context, DNSe “upscales” music files and recognises when a music file has lost some quality during the compression process and restores some of the pitch and depth to the music to create a more atmospheric sound quality.

Not lacking in appearance, the Q1 is a sleekly designed player which will appeal as much to consumers’ eyes as their ears. The device has a glossy black finish, a minimalist appearance and LED backlighting on the touch pad controls that illuminates when touched. The Q1 features an impressive 2.4 inch high-resolution QVGA LCD display which enhances video playback, as well as text and photo viewing.

Rounding out the impressive features list, the Q1 features a bevy of useful bonus features. Unique to the Samsung Q1 is the ability to listen to text, as students on the go or busy professionals can convert their documents to MP3 files which can be sped up or slowed down with the EmoDio engine. Packed with additional features including detailed railway and subway maps of major international cities, in-built flash animated games, a voice recorder with an imbedded microphone, FM Radio playback and recording and a long battery life of 30hrs, the Q1 is the perfect MP3 option for feature keen consumers.

Price and availability

The Q1 is available in stores from early November. RRP’s are $209 for the 8GB model and $289 for 16GB.

Source: Samsung