The Samsung Q80C makes a compelling case for a 98-inch TV

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We recently covered the launch of the latest 98-inch TV giant from Samsung, a more affordable version of the company’s big-screen form factor. Now, we’ve got up close and personal with the Samsung Q80C to find out whether bigger really is better.

There are several reasons you’d consider such a living room behemoth over some of the other models on the market. For one, if you want size over all else, the Samsung Q80C ($9,999) is a cheaper option than the 85-inch version of the impressive 8K Neo QLED QN900C.

It’s easy to get tripped up by different terminologies used by TV manufacturers. Each brand uses different technologies in addition to unique labels to describe them. For example, the Q80C isn’t Samsung’s only 98-inch TV available. It sits alongside the QN90A as the company’s biggest TV available in Australia. However, the QN90A retails for $16,999, a decent chunk of change more than the Q80C, due to the different technology each model uses.


The Samsung Q80C wields a QLED display, while the QN90A uses what’s called Neo QLED. Essentially, the main difference is that Neo QLED uses Mini LED lights while the vanilla QLED doesn’t.

QLED refers to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, designed to retain colour accuracy across both bright and dark images. Also, instead of Mini LEDs, the QLED models like the Q80C use a full-array backlight. In other words, it still has a couple hundred backlights allocated into different zones to control the contrast between light and dark scenes. It may not be quite as bright or precise as Mini LED but the end result still looks good.

Whether you enjoy watching sports or playing video games, the Samsung Q80C supports a 200Hz motion rate. This helps to make action look smooth, while modern video game consoles benefit from the maximum 120Hz which gives you a competitive edge when playing games online. At 98 inches, the Q80C would suit those who regularly have people over to watch sports and play video games – you’ll get a great view of the action no matter where you’re sitting.

Looking closely at the Samsung Q80C

In our latest deep-dive YouTube video, we examine the massive TV from literally all angles: dissecting the picture and sound quality, what’s involved with actually setting up a 98-inch screen in your living room, plus who would benefit most from the Q80C.

It’s one of many TVs you can choose from today, and more choice is always great for you, the consumer. If you’ve got the budget and space for a 98-inch panel, the Samsung Q80C is absolutely worth checking out.

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