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The Samsung Q9 QLED series sets the bar higher for sheer picture quality and viewing enjoyment. But then perhaps you expect this from the company’s 2018, flagship, 65 and 75” sets.

Samsung invited GadgetGuy and GadgetGirl to a few hours at the new West Hotel by Hilton at Sydney’s Barangaroo. The aim was to watch a variety of content and listen to the sound with and without a soundbar.

Regrettably, we had only a few hours to test the Q9 QLED TVs. So, this is not a comprehensive review; rather it is sufficient to expand on our aforementioned ‘expectations’.

As far as a premium TV goes, the Samsung Q9 QLED exceeded every expectation we have (and we own recent  4K OLED and Super UHD sets).

Sitting in a smick hotel room replete with room service lunch (it is hard work watching TV for hours on end) we could only be effusive in praising the sets. There was none of this “Brand X does it better. Brand Y is cheaper etc.”

However, GadgetGuy does use a set of established paradigms to review any product. It helps to be objective and remove any biases for or against a brand or product.

Samsung Q9 QLED (Australian website here)

  • 65” $6,999
  • 75” $10,499.01

Big is beautiful – but you can have too much of a good thing

Let’s start by saying 75” is a damned big TV. We sat approx. 2.5m away on a couch in a typical hotel suite. It had an external picture window about two metres to the left and an entry hallway about three metres to the right.

While the window had both sheer and blackout curtains, the ambient room light (at 10.30am to 3 pm) was bright. This meant blackout curtains must be entirely drawn to remove ambient light reflections. TV placement out of direct light is important.


Great picture but glare is noticeable

Initially, we felt uncomfortable so close to such a big TV. Over time the discomfort factor changed to immersion.

The 65” was in the bedroom. It had a big picture window two metres to the right and a bathroom entrance two metres to the left. We sat on the king-sized bed about 3 metres back.


Again see the glare – more blackout was necessary to remove this.

This was a comfortable distance comparable with the 55” set we have in our bedroom at home.

Again, the ambient light was bright, and we needed to darken the bedroom for reflection-free viewing.