Bigger is better: this expensive 85-inch 8K Samsung Neo QLED TV wowed us

85-inch is the new 75-inch: that’s according to the team behind the Samsung QN900C 8K Neo QLED TV. It’s a display that dazzles in both size and features once you see it in person.

Samsung is gearing up for a big 2023, as evidenced by its CES 2023 showing. Several months later, the brand recently launched its latest Neo QLED TVs and showed off new OLED models.

At $12,699, the QN900C doesn’t come cheap, but it delivers a range of highly impressive features. Here’s a rundown of what caught our attention during our time with the TV.

Samsung QN900C powered by Mini LED tech

Different brands use various phrases to refer to TV technology. For Samsung, QLED refers to special Mini LED backlights that provide high levels of brightness while maximising contrast. These super small backlights help ensure that dark areas of an image stay as dark as possible while generating brilliant bright highlights in lighter areas.

Through what Samsung calls Neo Quantum HDR Pro, there are improvements to the dynamic range between light and dark areas of an image. The Samsung QN900C reaches a peak brightness of 4,000 nits, so HDR content really stands out. You’ll notice the difference when watching movies or playing video games that support the format.

8K upscaling benefits

8K content isn’t widely available for home media, but the best current use of the high resolution is upscaling lower quality content. This year’s range of Samsung Neo QLED TVs contains algorithm improvements designed to better upscale low-res content to the 8K format. Especially on an 85-inch TV, you want a nice and smooth image without noticeable pixel distortion. Here’s where the 8K format shines, as it works to improve the overall image, regardless of the source.

Audio improvements

Any TV sounds better with a soundbar, but the in-built technology delivers more than previous technology. To get Dolby Atmos, you need up-firing speakers so you can hear the sound all around you. It just so happens that the Samsung QN900C has two up-firing speakers of its own to produce this effect.

More importantly, these speakers work in tandem with Samsung soundbars using what’s called Q-Symphony. If you use something like a Q990C Q-Series soundbar, it can actually communicate with the TV to use both sets of speakers and produce the best possible sound.

Samsung QN900C has gaming features galore

As part of a hardware-agnostic future, you can play Xbox games on Samsung TVs without a separate console. An Xbox Game Pass app comes pre-installed on the brand’s current TVs, as does the Nvidia GeForce Now app for PC games, so you can seamlessly stream games using cloud technology.

If you do have a console, however, the QN900C includes all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end TV. It supports 120Hz gaming on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles, and up to 144Hz via a PC. You can also take advantage of the generous 85-inch size to play many PC games in an ultra-wide 32:9 ratio.

This only touches the surface of what we noticed during our time with Samsung’s newest Neo QLED TV. Check out our YouTube video for our full impressions and let us know what you think about this mega-sized future of living room entertainment.

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