Samsung releases MU Series TVs

While we may lust after Samsung’s high end QLED TVs, sometimes finances can impose unfortunate constraints when it comes to a final choice. Fortunately Samsung has now released its new range of UltraHD and premium UltraHD, but not quite QLED, TVs for 2017. The MU series are available in a range of sizes from 43 inches all the way up to 82 inches in screen size, some are curved and some are flat, and all offer Ultra High Definition resolution and Samsung’s smart features, including an app for controlling the TV with a smart phone.

The entry level models of the MU6100 range come in four sizes from 43 inches ($1399) to 65 inches ($3299), with a 75 incher to come. This is a flat model and, like the whole MU series, includes Samsung’s “One Remote” which allows control of all connected devices, including games consoles.

The next step up, the MU6300, is curved and comes in 55 inch ($2299) and 65 inch ($3399) sizes.

The MU6400 is flat, and has an “ultra slim” design. Again, two sizes: 55 inches ($2449) and 65 inches ($3549).

Samsung MU7000
Samsung MU7000 (MU9000 at top)

The MU7000, MU8000 and MU9000 models are the premium ranges. They keep the ultra slim design and add cable management (that is, the cables are hidden away in the stand for a much neater appearance). On the picture front they offer 200 hertz motion smoothing and deliver a High Dynamic Range picture of up to 1000 nits. Samsung calls this HDR 1000, which can be confusing because term HDR10 is generally used for UltraHD Blu-ray. The “10” in that stands for the number of bits used to define the signal levels. That compares to the 8 bits used for DVD and regular Blu-ray. Ten bits offers four times the precision.

The MU7000 TVs are flat and come in three sizes from 55 inches ($2899) to  75 inches ($7499), with a massive 82 inch model to come. The MU8000 series are available only as 55 inch ($3099) and 65 inch ($4399) models with curved screens.

The top of the line Premium MU9000 models are also curved and add “Ultra Black” screen technology, which reduces glare and reflections on the screen. The 55 inch model is $3299 and the 65 inch one is $4699.