Samsung S95D OLED TV lives up to its anti-glare claims

Samsung S95D OLED TV anti-glare technology

One of the biggest things to come from the 2024 Samsung TV range is its S95D OLED, replete with a brand-new anti-glare coating. Made to address OLED’s biggest shortcoming, it certainly makes a strong first impression.

Without a doubt, OLED is the nicest display technology on the market. It’s vibrant and has stellar contrast levels, achieving those deep black levels not seen anywhere else. Plus, its wide viewing angle means everyone gets the best seat in the house.

Brightness and reflections are where OLED has historically struggled. If you normally watch TV during the day, it doesn’t make for an ideal viewing experience, especially when sunlight filters into your living room. This is what the Samsung S95D tackles head-on with some impressive technology improvements.

Samsung S95D OLED’s anti-glare coating makes a difference

Traditionally, OLED panels feature glossy finishes, creating a magnet for reflections. What Samsung’s latest flagship OLED TV does differently is use a hard embossed coating over the panel, diffusing light and minimising reflections.

This anti-glare coating is officially certified by Underwriters Laboratories, the organisation behind many different benchmarking tools, like PCMark. In other words, it’s been independently tested to back up the glare-tackling claims.

Such panel coatings can sometimes impact a TV’s output, affecting the colours and peak brightness. However, the Samsung S95D is roughly 20% brighter than last year’s S95C model. Plus, it’s Pantone Validated, meaning it still produces accurate colours. You can even use a smartphone app to further calibrate the colours to your liking.

On the inside, the OLED TV houses many of the smarts seen across the 2024 range, like AI upscaling, 144Hz gaming, and smart home integration with Samsung’s SmartThings platform.

Out now, the Samsung S95D OLED comes in three different sizes, priced as follows:

After seeing the S95D in person, it’s promising to see that OLED is becoming a more viable TV technology for more homes. Samsung has long specialised in great Mini LED TVs, which have featured among the best TVs in Australia, and now its OLED panels are right up there.

You can also get a close-up look at the TV with our in-depth YouTube video crunching all the details.

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