Samsung sees a foldable phone future

Samsung Galaxy Z fold3

With Samsung’s upcoming UnPacked event expected to be just around the corner, many are wondering what the Korean electronics giant will reveal. At a recent visit to Indonesia, Samsung’s President & Head of MX Business, TM Roh shed some light on the foldable phone space, along with the company’s vision for the years ahead.

Fast growing foldables

Looking at recent global sales figures, the popularity of the foldable form factor is set to increase into 2023. In 2021, the volume of foldable smartphones sold grew more than four times that of 2020. This exceeded market growth forecasts by three times! Roh added that in a single month, sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 exceeded the total cumulative sales of foldable phones for the entire 2020 year.

Roh believes that mobile phones with foldable screens are reshaping the mobile market, just like the Galaxy Note did with its oversized screen:

We will continue to develop the unique advantages of the Galaxy foldables, such as viewing on a large screen using a compact and durable device, taking photos and videos in Flex mode, multitasking on split screens with an S Pen and enjoying a unique user experience with the new foldable form factor.

A challenge with foldables is that the hardware is only one half of the equation, as the software also needs to be optimised. It’s good to see that Google, the maker of the Android operating system, is working closely with Samsung to support more applications and services.

3 Galaxy Z Flip phones on table together
Samsung’s stylish and compact Galaxy Z Flip 3

Now that Samsung has laid the foundation for high-speed 5G connectivity, Roh says that the company is focused on building an ecosystem that can reap the benefits. He sees Galaxy smartphones as the ‘hub’ of an integrated mobile universe, seamlessly connecting with Galaxy Watch and Bud wearables, and offering PC-like experiences with Galaxy tablets and Samsung DEX.

And as not everyone can afford a premium foldable phone, Samsung is continuing its commitment to mid-tier smartphones as such as the Galaxy A series:

…we are able to maintain the affordability of our mid-tier smartphones while providing a great mobile experience as we focus on strengthening specifications of priority product features, such as the battery, memory, performance, and 5G capabilities.

A force for good

Roh sees the importance of sustainability in the world’s future and new practices are being applied to Samsung products: “I always emphasise the importance of sustainability in every single thing we do, from the way we design, manufacture, and recover materials throughout the product lifecycle to protect our planet.”

Samsung has also been expanding its Galaxy for the Planet initiative, which includes the use of eco-conscious materials including recycled post-consumer plastic. Galaxy smartphones and tablets unveiled last year, for example, used components containing 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic from discarded fishing nets.

Roh also spoke about how Samsung is continuing to work towards its 2025 vision by elevating the voices of young leaders and changemakers around the world. Called Generation17, and in partnership with the United Nations Development Project, the group aims to advance change towards a better, more sustainable future through the achievement of 17 global goals.

The reason we, at Samsung, must champion a more open world is that our future demands it. Our younger consumers want authentic, personal experiences as a way to express themselves and create new opportunities. We take pride in enabling a world where technology connects and inspires us all.”

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