Samsung set to offer 3D for a cheaper price?

A new series of plasma TVs looks like it’ll make high-definition 3D something anyone can afford if the news we’re seeing is true.

The 490 Series Samsung plasma TV looks to feature 720p HD and 3D technology in a 50 inch size at a price point that might just hit a little above a thousand dollars. This would make it among the first TV sets to come near a margin that would put it in the same price class as budget LCDs, most of which would lack 3D.

Current American pricing puts this new TV at just under a thousand US dollars, making it a great bargain (when it comes out) for people looking to get into 3D who don’t need Full HD.

This news comes just a few days after Samsung showed the new luxurious 9000 Series TV locally, a product that sits in the opposite end of the market from where this inexpensive 3D plasma would go.

While we’re putting this in the “hope it comes to Australia soon” category, we’ve asked Samsung Australia to give us some information on a local release as soon as possible.