Samsung shows off “Ultra Definition,” Full HD will never be the same

You think the big new TV that you just bought has the best definition available? Think again. Samsung has a new panel capable of a whopping 4K resolution.

Not only does it have a resolution that is roughly four times the resolution of 1080p, the panel also is 3D capable. The new technology is being touted as a world first and goes by the name of “Ultra Definition,” expected to deliver image quality that is – if you can believe it – better than what you see in Full HD right now.

Samsung’s new display is only a prototype right now, and we don’t anticipate these to hit the shelves for a year or two at least.

Interestingly, the Ultra Definition 4K resolution isn’t the be-all and end-all of the TV world. A new format hitting an even higher resolution of 8K is in the works and is expected to be called “Ultra High Definition TV” or UHDTV.