Samsung smart locks for a smarter secure home

Samsung Smart Locks

Samsung smart locks come in deadbolt, push-pull, knob or lever styles to fit most Australian front doors.

Apart from being very tough (yes, we have seen them in the flesh) they have Samsung’s strong security pedigree. This includes a mobile app with MFA, SSL/TLS double encryption, a cloud security platform for remote access and a range of locks covering Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wi-Fi to cover all bases.

And they don’t look half bad either with 82 design awards and meet or exceed specifications for robustness and longevity.

GadgetGuy was going to review its latest SHP-A30 smart lock (AU site here) but alas it is a deadbolt style, and we really need a push/pull style to retrofit to our front door. But, in going through the exercise, we learnt more about smart locks, so take this as a guide.

What is a Samsung smart lock?

It has a combination of some or all of the following features

  • Fingerprint access (and/or Pin)
  • Pin access with randomiser obscurification
  • Key access
  • Tag or NFC smartphone access
  • Guest access (specific pins)
  • Backlit keypad for night use
  • Voice guidance
  • Privacy and away mode
  • Battery-powered (usually AA Alkaline) and battery dead emergency power override

Samsung Smart lock features (App)

  • Internet or remote access connection via Wi-Fi, BT or a Smart Hub
  • Remote unlock
  • Geofencing to arm and disarm or open on approach
  • Open or failed pin/print notifications and lockout fail mode
  • Able to use IFTTT to link to camera, spotlight or sirens
  • Access management statistics and real-time push notifications
  • One-time Pin
  • Smart bell

Not all features are in every model. And not every model is available from all retailers.

Samsung Smart Locks

Smart SHP-A30 (Website here) $569

  • Deadbolt (that means one hole)
  • Access via Wi-Fi – App, fingerprint or Pin
  • Google Assistant, Alexa and SmartThings
  • Retracts deadbolt on successful access
  • Auto-lock (10-120 seconds)

Great to add to a door that needs a deadlock.

SHP-DS705 $235

  • As above but with a key tag as well

SHS-3321 $345

  • Deadbolt
  • Pin or key tag
  • No app or other smarts

SHP-DS510 $375

As above plus emergency key

SHP-DH537 $399 (and variants SHP-538/$499, SHP-505/399, SHP-DH525/$499 and SHS-7020/$170)

  • Level style door lock (replacement for most lever locks)
  • Pin or Keytag
  • No app or smarts

Smart SHP-DP609 $895

  • Push/pull vertical lever (can replace some lever locks)
  • App, fingerprint, Pin, Tag and Key
  • Full smart app with optional IoT service module installed

Smart SHP-DR708 $965

  • Square knob style
  • App, fingerprint, PIN and key
  • Full smart app with optional IoT service module installed

Where to get Samsung Smart Locks

Bunnings have most of these items and prices where quoted a from it. Of course, you may need professional fitting at extra cost. Many are DIY and will fit existing door cutouts.

Also available from many locksmiths and online (this is the best place to start the journey)

GadgetGuy has started to cover smart locks, but we have a lot more testing to do before we can safely make recommendations of one brand/type over another.