Samsung, Sydney Opera House come together for the children

Kids at Sydney schools have long been given the opportunity to learn about what of the city’s biggest cultural icons, the Sydney Opera House, and from today, they’ll even get a bit of technology to help out, making learning a little more playful and fun.

It appears that Samsung and Sydney Opera House are coming together for children, collaborating for an app and tour guide experience to give students in year 3 and 4 a more interesting way to learn about one of Australia’s greatest buildings.

The result of this collaboration is on a few Galaxy Tab S units left at the Opera House running a kid friendly experience called “Quest to Stop the Mischief-Making Opera Ghost”, and is an app that will take kids around the building to learn about icons that have played at the building, items about its history, and fun little facts that most people wouldn’t know about Sydney’s sail-shaped music hall.

When kids go to the Opera House as part of school excursions, groups will be given a tablet and shown around by Opera House tour guides, with small quizzes on the tablets helping them gather knowledge and learn about the building.

Better, Samsung has employed digital Bluetooth beacons that pick up on the location of where the kids are, lighting up the location of where the kids are on the tablet and teaching them about the place they would presently be standing in.


“There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the next generation inspired by the Opera House and engaging with the creativity that reigns beneath the sails,” said Louise Herron, CEO of the Sydney Opera House. “The Mischief-Making Opera Ghost makes learning fun and memorable.”

The app is also a part of Samsung’s Digital Discovery Program, and is the first item to bring this collaboration between the two companies to life, with more experiences on the way that will take advantage of Samsung’s technology to deliver information in what Samsung says is a “meaningful way”.

“As the principal partner of the Sydney Opera House, it’s Samsung’s goal to use technology in innovative, engaging and meaningful ways that help to enhance people’s experience at the iconic building, a symbol of modern Australia,” said Arno Lenior, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics Australia.

Playing with the experience this week, we found a cute little guide to exploring the Opera House available through this app, with lots of colours, information, and the occasional cartoon character helping inform students about one of Australia’s most known icons.

Students in schools across Sydney should get to experience this for themselves in the coming months, as teachers begin to arrange excursions to learn about the Sydney Opera House.