Samsung taps water and air for a new wash


We’re not sure how often washing machines change technology, but Samsung’s new Bubble Wash technology looks to be a change for the better.
Mixing your regular front-loader detergent with a combination of water and air, Samsung tells us that its new Bubble Wash not only creates a “powerful bubble cushion that dissolves deep into clothing,” but also offers a similar wash to warm water while using cold water.
“The unique technology in this range of washing machines offers a smart investment for consumers by not only protecting their investment in clothes from potential damage, but by also saving them money through being able to achieve similar results by washing clothing in a cold wash as compared to a warm wash,” says Mike Lilly, Group Senior Product Manager for White Goods at Samsung Electronics Australia.
Samsung’s new Bubble Wash technology isn’t the only thing making the new washing machines great. There’s also a 10 year warranty, quiet Direct Drive motor, a 15 minute quick wash, and a “Full Water Safety System” designed to cut off the water supply in the event of a leak.