Samsung to topple Nokia as king of phone sales

It’s been a long road, but Nokia looks like it may have to hand its crown to someone else, with sources suggesting that Samsung has outsold Nokia in mobile phones for the first time.

While Apple makes a dent in the world of smartphones, Nokia has still manage to sell a boatload in the few months, with a rough total of 83 million devices in 2012’s first quarter.

That’s a lot of phones, but from what Reuters is telling us, doesn’t come close enough to beating Samsung, which sold a whopping 88 million devices.

To its credit, Nokia has led the mobile world in sales for years thanks to the sheer number of devices the company had produced and the worldwide availability, something few manufacturers can attest to.

The world of smartphones hasn’t been a strong area for Nokia, but the company is attempting to claw back market share through a relationship with Microsoft, producing new and well reviewed smartphones powered by the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile Windows platform.

It’s too early to say whether this will save or sink Nokia, but the company sure has a long way to go if it wants to beat other mobile makers, especially as more enter the game.