Samsung to unveil a new big screen phone on August 29

Samsung may have hit the nail on the head when it introduced a 5.3 inch phone, because we’ve certainly seen our fair share of the big-screen handsets on the street in the past two months. Samsung isn’t done, though, with an upcoming event in August likely pointing to a new tablet-inspired smartphone size.

There was a time when mobile phones were getting smaller and smaller, when big screens pointed out the phone was a brick, and everyone was all about making the tiniest and flattest phone that you’d be lucky to find.

My, how times have changed, what with the smartphone making everyone ask for a bigger screen, and now the bigger mobiles being among the most desired of devices.

Compared to the Galaxy S2 on the left, the Galaxy Note (right) is a big phone.

Released earlier this year, Samsung’s Galaxy Note was one of the first smartphones to push the boundaries of what we normally know as mobile screens, with the 5.3 inch screened smartphone effectively finding middle ground for phones and tablets.

While we don’t technically agree with the nickname these devices are given – phablets – our play with the Samsung Galaxy Note revealed a handset that was excellent in many ways, with a massive screen sporting a slightly higher than 720p HD resolution, decent performance, and surprisingly strong battery life.

We’ve now heard rumours that a new Note will be unveiled at the end of August, with rumours suggesting that the phone will be a sequel to the Note. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 could end up being a sequel sporting even more tech, including Near-Field Communication (like the Galaxy S3), improved download speeds using 4G LTE, and a slightly bigger screen measuring in at 5.5 inches diagonally.

The Galaxy Note is very noticeable if you store it in a front pocket. These aren't even tight jeans. If the Galaxy Note 2 is any bigger, we'd might need bigger pockets.

The timing couldn’t be more important, either, with September being the expected timeframe for Apple’s next iPhone announcement, the iPhone 5. Rumours point to a device with a slightly elongated 4 inch screen, a new iPod dock, and the possibility of 4G LTE connectivity.

If you’re thinking of buying a new phone and want something from the premium part of the phone market, you may want to hold onto your device and wait a couple of months. It’s going to get mighty interesting, people.