Eye-catching Samsung transparent Micro LED display teases future

Samsung transparent Micro LED display CES 2024
Image: supplied.
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At CES this year we got a sneak peek at the next frontier in TV technology: transparent TVs. LG announced the company’s latest transparent OLED TV to great fanfare, but Samsung also wasn’t going to get left out of the party, showing off a new Transparent Micro LED display.

The TV had been in the research and development phase for six years, and CES marked the first time it was shown to the public. There’s also a teaser video showing what it looks like in action.

The concept behind transparent TVs is similar to that of Samsung’s The Frame TV: people want to be able to watch a beautiful TV when it’s time to be entertained, but they don’t want their living areas dominated by big black screens the rest of the time. The Frame solves this problem by displaying art in a lower power mode when the TV isn’t being used, but transparent TVs take this to a whole new level by just looking like glass when they’re off.

Samsung transparent Micro LED CES 2024
Image: supplied.

As well as making living rooms look less cluttered, these transparent TVs also open up different options for content that can be displayed in commercial settings, and new ways that people in the future can create content to be shown.

It’s similar to a projector, in that when it’s off, it’s off, and it can have almost any background you want to give it. But it doesn’t have the problem of needing to be in a dark room, or having a bright bulb.

Transparent Micro LED versus OLED

Transparent Micro LED Samsung
Image: Samsung.

The benefit of Samsung’s choice of Micro LED technology over LG’s OLED is that Micro LED is much brighter. Samsung made plenty of noise about Micro LED at CES last year, a strong indication of its focus moving forward. The downside is that it’s also much more expensive (and LG’s transparent OLED is already going to be very expensive), so it’s not likely that you’ll see a transparent Samsung Micro LED in living rooms across Australia any time soon. But it is still a very cool concept and gives consumers an idea of where TV technology will be heading in the not-too-distant future.

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