Samsung TVs to get Ultra HD content in the US, so what about Australia?

We’ve seen Ultra HD TVs for over a year now, and while they don’t exactly have the take-up of regular Full HD tellies, they’re growing. We just need the content, so when is that happening exactly?

If you’re living in America and you own a Samsung TV, the answer is shortly.

News has come in this week that Samsung has signed off on working with NanoTech Entertainment, a company producing a video on demand library called “UltraFlix” which, as the name suggests, delivers Ultra HD content over the web to connected televisions.

“Samsung is the leader in TV technology, so we are excited to launch the UltraFlix streaming service on their complete family of UHD TVs,” said NanoTech’s Aaron Taylor.

“Samsung continues to set new standards in innovation and immersive viewing experiences and we look forward to partnering with them to deliver our entire 4K UHD library.”

Samsung may well have Ultra HD TVs out in Australia, but we're all still missing Ultra HD content.

NanoTech told GadgetGuy this week that the library of titles contains more than 500 hours of 4K content, including titles from Warner and Imax, and that quite a few concerts are being converted for Ultra High Definition playback, as well as some TV shows.

But from what were understand, this will only be accessible if you own a 4K TV and you’re living in America.

We’ve checked with Samsung Australia on the matter, and while it has yet to come back with a comment, can only imagine not having a nationwide broadband network capable of uber-fast 4K downloads will make a difference.