Samsung Ultra S pink mobile phone – exclusive to Optus

The new Samsung Ultra S is a mobile phone that pitches itself squarely at the female phone user, with a look and feature set it feels covers what a girl looks for in a phone. Which for a start means it is pink.

The handset’s themed graphical user interface (GUI) enables you to customise your handset’s wallpaper and graphics according to your personal taste with a range of elegant themes. Samsung’s Smart Wallpaper feature changes according to the calendar event set for a special day so you never miss an important date again.

The Samsung Ultra S’s unique Mirror Mode function conveniently transforms the handset interface into a mirror. Stay discreet with the Samsung Ultra S’s polite Etiquette Pause feature allowing you to politely silence a call by turning it upside down so as not to interrupt a business meeting or date. Samsung’s unique SOS message feature provides security with one button press by sending an immediate personalised text to a pre-set phone number to keep you safe. And Samsung’s clever Fake Call feature is perfect for awkward moments simulating a phone call that plays back a pre-recorded voice message when answered so as to not give you away.

The forefront of mobile phone technology, the Samsung Ultra S also features an impressive 2.6″ wide screen display, a 5 megapixel camera with Power LED Flash, GPS support, MP3 player, FM radio and video recorder.

Price and availability

The Samsung Ultra S is available exclusively on the Optus network for $0 on a $49 cap or $549 outright, including a sleek pink leather case