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If five new Galaxy smartphones wasn’t already enough, Samsung also took the wraps off three new Galaxy wearables at its UnPacked 2019 event in San Francisco. Focused on activity, wellbeing and connected living, a new smart watch will join the existing Galaxy Watch lineup, along with an activity tracker and revamped set of wireless earbuds. Here’s what will be on sale in Australia very soon.

Galaxy Watch Active

Joining the successful Galaxy Watch range is the new Galaxy Watch Active. This model is both sporty and good looking, and a key difference is that there’s no longer a rotating bezel for navigating menus. This means a sleeker and more minimalist design, thanks to a luxurious aluminium composite casing, lightweight bands and a simple touch-screen interface.

There’s sleep tracking, which includes analysis of your different sleeping stages. Stress levels can also be monitored and reduced with the help of guided breathing exercises.

Setting it apart from the Apple Watch is the ability to track your blood pressure. Using Samsung’s My BP Lab app, which is jointly developed with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), the app can keep tabs on your blood pressure levels throughout the day, and help identify early signs of ill health. This is made possible with the help of a very exacting optical sensor that can detect tiny variations in your blood volume and arterial thickness.

Galaxy watch active examples

The Galaxy Watch Active is aimed at helping you manage and set fitness goals, with automatic exercise detection for running, cycling, rowing, and elliptical training. There are also 39 other fitness activities loaded that you can select manually to match your workout.

The Galaxy Active is waterproof to 5 atmospheres, and IP68 water and dust resistant. The battery should handle 2.5 to 3 days between charges.

Galaxy Watch Active works with both Android and iOS phones and supports popular third-party apps including Under Armour, Spotify and Strava.

You can use Samsung’s Bixby personal assistant to control the Galaxy Watch Active with your voice and ask it to do things such as making calls or sending messages without picking up your phone.

Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

Samsung’s two new activity trackers are set to replace the existing Gear Fit activity band. Slim, lightweight and with week-long battery life, these simple and easy to use bands are for people with active lifestyles.

While their features are not as extensive as a Galaxy Watch, they have a simple to use interface, with a colour display and inductive charging on the Galaxy Fit, and a basic tonal display and plug in charring (Pogo) on the Galaxy Fit e.

Both models will automatic identify and track when you walk, run, cycle, row, hop on the elliptical trainer or start a general dynamic workout. Then there’s manual selections for more than 90 different activities via the Samsung Health app on your smartphone.

“Health and fitness continue to be a focus for many Australians who are looking for technology that can help them track and monitor their wellbeing.”

Garry McGregor, Vice President of IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia

You’ll find enhanced sleep analysis too, and smart stress management for monitor your personal wellbeing at any time of the day.

To stay in touch, the Galaxy Fit and Fit e will display alerts and messages – and you can access alarm, calendar or weather information synced from your smartphone.

When you travel to a new time zone, the Galaxy Fit will automatically display a dual-clock watch face to make it easier to manage your schedule.

Both models are water resistant of 5ATM4, so you can take them in the shower or to the pool without a fuss.