Samsung updates printer world, makes it possible to print from the Cloud

The company offering plenty of reasons to make you buy a new laptop, smartphone, TV, or tablet is now going to try to get you to buy a printer, with the incentive being that you can print straight from the Cloud with Google Docs and mobile devices.

Samsung has this week launched several new printers boasting dual-core processing designed to improve colour quality and increase definition in prints, make text look clearer, and make toner usage just that much more economical with a button and driver that can force toner saving and duplex modes.

Samsung CLP-365W: a colour laser with WiFi for $196 RRP

What’s more, the new printers, which are all colour laser models and start at $196, will come with WiFi integrated and can print documents and photos directly from mobile devices – such as Android smartphones and tablets, the iPhone, iPad, and Windows computers – using Samsung’s Mobile Print software, as well as connect to Google Docs and print directly from the website.

“Samsung is aiming to break boundaries with its new printer models, delivering easy to use innovative solutions in some of the smallest design forms for Samsung,” said the company’s director of IT, Tony Ignatavicius.

When shown the technology today, the improvements were clear from past models, with the colour on previous generations of Samsung printers looking less vibrant than the printers announced today.

In fact, as a direct comparison, the cyan and magenta test strips on the models announced this week look like the actual colours they’re supposed to, while in previous generations, they looked like red and blue, a far cry from what the colours are supposed to look like.

From what we were told, this colour representation should be available in all models, from $196 to $833, with difference seen with multifunction features and overall printing speed.

In any case, you’ll be able to see the printers for yourselves in stores this month, when the new Samsung CLP and CLX range becomes available.