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Over in Las Vegas, Samsung took the stage today to make some big announcements in the field of home theatre and entertainment, with some new ideas added to Samsung’s lineup.

No less than four new technologies were announced today for Samsung’s new line-up of television sets, with Samsung announcing that more than half of the models released in 2012 would support 3D.

But viewing in the third-dimension is hardly new, so Samsung announced that this year, the company would be releasing a new way of controlling your TV.

The built-in camera and microphone in the new Samsung ES8000 LED TV.

Called “Smart Interaction”, TVs would use voice control, hand gestures, and face recognition to take charge of the TV set. According to Samsung, you’ll be able to turn the TV on and off by speaking, load up applications, search the web, and more, thanks to a built-in camera and dual-microphones.

With this new way of controlling your TV, Samsung intends to have even more applications available, with the addition of infotainment choices for kids, fitness apps that take advantage of the built-in camera, and an app called “Family Story” that essentially turns the TV into a giant family sharing notice board.

The technology inside the TV is changing too, with a faster processor being thrown in some of the new TVs. You might not think that a TV needs a lot of speed, but Samsung has today said that the dual-core processor thrown into televisions will make multitasking better, provide a “smoother web browsing experience”, and even result in better image quality.

But one of the more interesting announcements stems from upgrades. Called “Smart Evolution,” Samsung intends to make it easier for you to get the latest technology each year in Samsung TVs purchased from this year on-wards with upgrade kits.

We’re not quite sure what this entails yet, but we’re led to believe that it’ll be a little like upgrading a computer, only for your TV.

To coincide with these announcements, Samsung unveiled three new top-tier TVs.

The first is the Samsung UAES8000, a Full HD LED TV that offers 2D, 3D, and a technology called “micro dimming” that “optimises the LED backlight and video signal” in real-time, apparently reducing distortion and lighting problems normally seen with higher contrast.

All of the announced technologies from above are included, with the bezel on this model even smaller than ever, now sitting at 0.5 centimetres, supported by a metallic stand, or able to be hung on a wall.

Samsung’s Plasma range continues this year with the PAE8000 (above), adopting new Smart technologies, support for 3D, Samsung’s “ultra-slim bezel design” with a profile less than 4cm thick, and the new “Real Black Pro Panel” aimed at bringing better blacks, stronger colour, and superior image quality.

Finally, there’s the big daddy of the day: Samsung’s Super OLED.

Much like the previously announced LG OLED TV, Samsung’s OLED will be a 55 inch TV set for release this year. Samsung says its Super OLED TV “offers response times over 1,000 times faster than LED” making motion blur a thing of the past.

Made from a single pane of glass, the Super OLED TV doesn’t require a backlight and lets the sub-pixels emit light themselves.

And like the other two TVs announced today, the Super OLED will include the gesture and voice control, dual-core processor, and access to apps. Interestingly, we can’t find out if this model will support Samsung’s Smart Evolution upgrade technology.

No word on pricing or availability yet, but we’ll have more for you when Samsung decides to announce these locally.