Samsung WD-J1255C

What it is


A washer/dryer combo (7.5 kg wash/4 kg dry) with AirWash technology to remove smells, microscopic allergens, bacteria and microbes by using hot, humid air to refresh clothing. It also allows users to switch cycles from wash to dry without changing appliances.

Essential info

This machine allows users to wash, dry or simply refresh clothes. It can manage a 7.5 kg wash load and a 4 kg drying load and uses three litres of water for deodorisation and 10 litres for sterilization.


600 x 600 x 850 mm (W x H x D)

What we liked

  • Its four star water and energy rating
  • Wash, dry and refresh options
  • Choice of fuzzy logic cycle

And what we didn’t

  • Its limited drying capacity: you can?t dry a 7.5 kg washload in one cycle (you need to dry clothes in two batches if you wanted to dry a 7.5 kg washload)

Product trivia

The motor uses no carbon brushes to transfer electricity internally, allowing it to emit only 48dDB while washing, and up to 62dDB when in spin mode.

More information

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Good water and energy efficiency rating, washes and dries in one machine, stop and add option,
Limited drying capacity (4kg)