Samsung WD8122CVW – a new 10 kg washer/6 kg dryer combo

Not having enough room in your washing machine to wash all the family’s clothes can now be a thing of the past. Next month, Samsung Electronics Australia, is launching a new premium 10 kg capacity washer / 6 kg capacity dryer combination WD8122CVW which is perfect for the needs of large, growing, and busy families who expect more from their appliances to make life easier.

With a 4.5 star WELS rating the WD8122CVW is one of the most water efficient washer/dryers available in the market. The high rating allows consumers that purchase the WD8122CVW in NSW and WA to be eligible to receive a rebate following the recent WELS benchmark changes which promote even better water conservation than the previous ratings.

Another key feature which allows the WD8122CVW to have less of an impact on the environment is Samsung’s revolutionary AirWash system. This technology eliminates the need for water and harsh chemicals by using a unique five stage process that penetrates heated fresh air deep into fabrics to remove odours and bacteria. Even delicate items frequently sent to the dry cleaners, such as wool suits and sweaters, are perfectly treatable with AirWash. This system is also fully capable of killing 100% of the mites living in clothing and pillows, which is great for allergy sufferers.

As well as AirWash, the WD8122CVW incorporates other unique technologies to look after your family and your clothes. The Silver Nano Health System adds silver ions to your wash, killing 99.9% of present bacteria in minutes. To provide longer lasting wash freshness and protection, the silver remains in your clothes, inhibiting bacteria growth for around 30 days.

Samsung also knows that large families are busy families, which is why thanks to its Diamond Drum design, hand washing may be a thing of the past. Tough on dirt and stains but gentle on fabrics, the deeply embossed diamond shaped depressions which discharge the water are 75% smaller than those in conventional drums, preventing clothes from getting caught in the holes and damaged. Water collects in the embossed pattern to create an ideal environment for a gentle wash without compromising performance.

Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) will also allow parents to do the family wash at night without disturbing the kids; VRT provides truly smooth operation, even at spin speeds of up to 1200RPM. This industry-leading technology significantly reduces vibration and noise as well as improving the handling of unbalanced loads.

The conveniently combined 6 kg drying machine also provides an effective in-built condenser dryer which simply drains away the condensed hot air rather than creating unpleasant condensation on the walls of your laundry.


  • 10 kg washing capacity
  • 6 kg drying capacity
  • Informative digital display
  • Stop & Add Option
  • Quick Wash option
  • Delay Start option
  • Clean Tub option
  • Woolmark certified
  • Adjustable water temperature, spin speed and rinse cycles
  • Quiet Drive Direct Drive motor

Pricing and availability

The Samsung WD8122CVW washer dryer will be in stores in September 2008, for $2,799 RRP.

Source: Samsung