Samsung Zipel to converge several kitchen appliances into one

We like convergence a lot, so much so that our phones also play music, take pictures, surf the web, and check email for us. But a new appliance from Samsung dares to bring convergence to the kitchen.

The Samsung Zipel might have a strange sounding name, but it looks like it's going to be one of the coolest kitchen appliances we've seen in a while.
This might sound like a cheesy "as seen on TV" commercial, but the Samsung Zipel cooks like an oven, warms like a microwave, steams like a steamer, and even lets you control it using your voice. That's because all of that technology – an oven, microwave, and steamer – are included in the one handy box.
Touch controls are on the front and the added bonus of voice control will probably make this a must have for new kitchens everywhere.
While we've got a release date and pricing for Korea, nothing local for Australians yet. We'll let you know when Samsung gets back to us.