Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TVs – what you need to know

NeoQLED TV in living room

Samsung has taken the wraps off its 2022 Neo QLED TV range for the Australian market. While we did see some of the details earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), there were still a few surprises. So, let’s break down what we can expect from Samsung’s top of the range models that are in stores, starting today.

Improved Neo QLED picture quality

Samsung has leaned heavily on Artificial Intelligence to create new algorithms for improving image quality. 

First off, all Samsung Neo QLED TVs use advanced mini-LED panels, which provide improved control over where light is positioned compared to normal LCD televisions.

Now, there’s Shape Adaptive Light technology, which improves this control even further. The technology analyses lines, shapes and surfaces in an image to figure out where their borders are. This means that light and colour can be placed within the shapes more accurately, with less light spilling into areas that should be dark, or black. This effect is called ‘blooming’, and not something you want on a high-end screen. It’s also something that OLED TVs from LG and Sony do very well.

In terms of light, or luminance, 2022 models also get 4 times more greyscale levels than 2021 models, thanks to 14-Bit HDR processing. This helps improve the realism of images, with finer graduations between light levels.

Next, there’s Real Depth Enhancer, which, again, uses AI to identify objects in a scene, and then enhances them so they stand out from background objects, creating a sense of depth.

Less blue light for night

Using a built-in light sensor, 2022 Neo QLEDs can reduce the amount of blue-light used in an image depending on the time of day. 

As blue light can cause eye strain and even lead to sleep loss, the system will gradually reduce the screen’s brightness and blue light as the day gets later.

Personal picture calibration

You can now calibrate your 2022 Neo QLED TV using an app and camera on your Android or iOS smartphone. There are two types of calibration, one is a Basic mode, which takes about 30 seconds, while the other is a ‘Professional’ calibration that is more rigorous and takes about 10 minutes. You can run the calibration from Samsung’s Smarthings app, or otherwise, launch it from the Smart Hub’s menu.

Once calibrated, your settings can be stored as a custom picture mode, and can be applied to what you’re watching.

Samsung Neo QLED with game
The updated Game Bar lets you adjust game mode settings directly (QN90B model shown)

Native Neo QLED surround sound

Last year’s Neo QLED models introduced Object Tracking Sound. This is where a grid of speakers positioned behind the panel would make sound appear like it was coming from a certain part of the screen. However, a downside is that they were only able to emulate multi-channel sound, such as Dolby Atomos.

2022 models get native Dolby Atmos support and are also the industry’s first TVs to feature upwards and side-firing speakers built into the back of the panel.

Lastly, we’re finally seeing the ability to send Dolby Atmos wirelessly to 22 Samsung Soundbars.

Side border of TV
Neo QLED TVs are the first to feature up-firing and side firing speakers for native Dolby Atoms

New Smart Hub

Samsung’s Smart Hub interface has been overhauled to bring your subscription TV content to the fore. This essentially consolidates all your shows from Paramount+, Netflix and Disney+ Stan, Kayo, Binge and catch up TV onto one scrollable screen.

The system will also make suggestions based on what you’ve been watching to help you discover new shows without searching.

Samsung’s own TV Plus channel is included for free, which contains sports, news and entertainment sub-channels.

Smart hub interface for 2022

There’s even new NFT platform where you can view, discover and purchase digital artwork through a collaboration with Nifty Gateway, which is a NFT marketplace.

The 2022 TV and accessories range is available from Wednesday 16th March at retailers and online at

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2022 Neo QLED range and pricing (RRP)

QA85QN900BWXXY85” QN900B$11,999 
QA75QN900BWXXY75” QN900B$7,999 
QA65QN900BWXXY65” QN900B$5,799 
QA85QN800BWXXY85” QN800B$8,499 
QA75QN800BWXXY75” QN800B$6,199 
QA65QN800BWXXY65” QN800B$4,699 
QA75QN95BAWXXY75” QN95B$5,499 
QA65QN95BAWXXY65” QN95B$4,299 
QA55QN95BAWXXY55” QN95B$3,299 
QA85QN90BAWXXY85” QN90B$6,999 
QA75QN90BAWXXY75” QN90B$4,999 
QA65QN90BAWXXY65” QN90B$3,899 
QA55QN90BAWXXY55” QN90B$2,999 
QA50QN90BAWXXY50” QN90B$2,299 
QA43QN90BAWXXY85” QN90B$1,899 
QA85QN85BAWXXY85” QN85B$6,299 
QA75QN85BAWXXY75” QN85B$4,499 
QA65QN85BAWXXY65” QN85B$3,499 
QA55QN85BAWXXY55” QN85B$2,699