Samsung’s adds an ‘Edge’ to the Galaxy Note

In addition to its latest Galaxy Note 4 launched today at the Unpacked event in Berlin, Samsung has introduced an ‘edgy’ new variant with a cured Super AMOLED display that wraps around the edge of the device.

Called the Galaxy Note Edge, this ‘phablet’ sized smartphone is essentially the same as the Note 4 in terms of appearance, specifications and capabilities, but with a wider display that extends the screen real estate around the right hand edge.

The Quad HD Super AMOLED display is extended 160 pixels over the edge of the phone.

The Galaxy Note Edge retains the Note 4’s Quad HD ‘main’ display, with 2560 x 1440 pixels, plus adds another 160 pixels of width for its ‘edge’ display.

“The curved screen design is intended to provide a separate set of easily accessible functions that don’t interfere with your main screen experience”, said Arno Lenior, Samsung Electronics Australia’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The kinds of context-sensitive things you’ll see on the edge display include quick access to the camera’s settings and shutter button, or play, pause and track skip controls when watching a video.


The edge display provides controls leaving the main screen free for other things.

When not running a specific app, the edge can become a night clock, show the date, time and weather, or provide a range of notifications including emails and SMS messages and potentially Facebook and Twitter notifications, though app partners have yet to be confirmed.

You can also customise the edge display with a selection of backgrounds, and quickly switch between functions by swiping upwards or downwards.

This skin gives you stock prices.

While there could be some concerns about the exposed glass along the phone’s edge being more susceptible to damage, Samsung confirmed that the same Gorilla Glass 2 is used to protect the screen, which provides a good degree of scratch resistance.

Hardened Gorilla Glass 2 should protect the screen's edge.

The Galaxy Note Edge will not be released to all markets, but we can confirm that it is coming to Australia before the end of the year, and will likely be available at a similar time to the Galaxy Note 4.

While pricing has not been announced, it’s likely that the Galaxy Note Edge will have a small price premium over the Galaxy Note 4.


Valens Quinn travelled to the Samsung Unpacked event and IFA show in Berlin as a guest of Samsung Electronics Australia.