Samsung’s CES preview: iPod and Galaxy S dock with vacuum tube pre-amp

Well here’s something interesting: Samsung is looking at releasing a new audio dock with a new technology aimed at grabbing audio enthusiasts.

Announced today in America, the new DA-E750 is a Samsung dock with support for both Apple iPod-based devices – such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – as well as Samsung’s own Galaxy S range of devices.

More interestingly, the dock features proprietary “hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology” aimed at bringing better sound to Samsung’s speaker dock. Samsung says that the vacuum tube here is used as the pre-amp, with the power amplifer using digital technology to keep the dock in a small size.

The dock will offer 2.1 sound, 100 watts, analog input, AirPlay, AllShare, Bluetooth, and even a USB port, just in case you don’t have either an Apple iDevice or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Don’t care about the vacuum tube and would prefer a smaller speaker?

Samsung will also be releasing the DA-E670 (above), a rechargeable speaker that joins competitors such as Creative, Logitech, and Jawbone.

Australian pricing or availability has yet to be announced – we’re sure you’re shocked – but hopefully we’ll know more when CES starts in just a few days.